About Us

For more than three decades, Hillman has consistently provided the food service industry with the highest-quality oysters that nature, and Hillman’s own unique safety process can provide. 

At Hillman, our seafood is not only fresher, but also safer. And safer management of microorganisms, including Vibrio vulnificus, offers great peace of mind for Hillman customers.

Remember—you’re fresher and safer with Hillman.

How do we do it?

Beginning more than three decades ago as the Hillman Shrimp & Oyster Co., Inc., on the shores of Galveston Bay, “Grandpa Hillman” settled on the shoreline near the mouth of Dickinson Bayou early in the century. The area today is known locally as the Hillman community, a conglomerate of marine-related businesses operated by the elder Hillman's descendants. President Clifford E. Hillman expressed an interest in harvesting and producing seafood while working with his father and grandfather, and has since carried on the tradition.

In an effort to find new and better ways of providing oyster distribution and marketing to the food service industry, we pioneered the successful application of cryogenic technology. By the late 80s, research and development had progressed to the point that our products were ready for test marketing on a regional basis.

Today, Hillman seafood products are distributed throughout the continent to anywhere food service distributors can make deliveries. Our product line has expanded to include clams and scallops, in addition to our popular oysters, but one thing remains the same: food service operators have come to expect consistent quality and convenience, year-round, not to mention the "built-in" bacteria reduction and management characteristics of our IQF products, offering new margins of safety to our oyster patrons.